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Whats is a Mobile Spa?

A Mobile Spa is a beauty company that provides their services in the home or at the location of the client. Beauty By Khira is 100% mobile with no direct location, headquartered in Universal City

Who is the CEO or owner of the company Beauty By Khira?

Beauty by Khira is operated by it's founder Khira Thomas who is a licensed Manicurist, Certified Pole fitness trainer and airbrush makeup artist. She launched this company as an affiliate service company for other Salon franchises in 2014, then became an independent 100% mobile service in January 2016. You can find more information about Khira Thomas at www.linkedin.com/user/khirathomas

How do I book a service?

You can either call our service number directly to book a service (818)921-6505 or send a detailed email of your request services@beautybykhira.com. 

Do you accept Last minute requests?

Yes we do, but a surcharge of $20 will be added to your bill on top of a mandatory travel fee, and service total. It is best to book your appointment 24-48hrs in advance to avoid this fee

Is your Company Licensed & Insured?

Yes, We are Licensed and Insured for both our Beauty Services as well as our Pole Fitness services

Do your Pole classes and Pole Parties cater to women only, or is it open to men as well?

Yes, Beauty By Khira is LGBT friendly! We teach and provide services for all who wish to have them.

I'm Producing/Directing a Film and I'm in need of a makeup artist. I may or may not need some of the things in your package. How does pricing work?

All prices are negotiable in all of our OnSet Makeup packages. We understand that all productions are different and have different requests. The package price you see on the site starts at that particular price for the flat rate hours. Meaning give or take your request there's always room for fluctuation. Consultations are mandatory before booking, and are absolutely free of charge until production begins. Travel fees and kit fee's are exempt of all Onset MUA packages. And if you go over your time limit, you will be charged $25 per additional hour.

How do I pay for services?

Beauty By Khira accepts all forms of payment including cash, money order, or credit card via the square. All Pole Entertainment bookings require a minimum 50% deposit down before service booking date. And the rest shall be paid after setup and before actual performance begins. Installments can be made to pay in full prior to booking as well. Invoices and receipts are available to every client.

I'm interested in the Convalesce Nail Care Services, and My toenails are in pretty bad shape. How can I be sure your company can and will perform them?

If interested in Nail repair, or if your feet are in bad shape, you must send a picture of your feet via email or text with name, service request and contact information so that our company can approve it. You should do this in order to avoid a travel fee for in person consultation or a $20 incomplete service fee if the condition is too severe for our manicurist to handle. Beauty By Khira is a company that performs cosmetic services only, meaning we only remedy the appearance, not heal or cure any nail conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service to those we feel are in need of podiatrist for severe foot ailments.

How long does it take for you to complete a full in home service?

Initial Setup Takes about 10-15min, Manicures can take 30-45min, Pedicures can take 45min-1hr, Mani/Pedis can take 45min-1hr15min, Specialty Nail Services can take 45min-1.5hr , Makeup Can take 30-45min, Spray Tans Can Take 15-30min, and Service Cleanup can take 10-15min.