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Monthly Maintenance Packages:
Travel Fees are included with all Monthly Packages

Bi-weekly Hand Care: $55

Bi-weekly Foot Care:

Bi-weekly Hand/Feet Care:

Monthly On Call Nail Maintenance: $75-$100

Nail Thickness Reduction: $65

Nail Length Shortening:

Beauty By Khira is proud to announce their new line of services. BBK Nail Therapy offers specialized services for those of limited, to no mobility (bedridden, hospital setting, recovering from injury), in need of cosmetic nail maintenance and/or nail repair. This includes those who may be sick, injured, disabled, senior citizen, pregnant, or post pregnancy. When you or your loved ones are in need of hand/feet maintenance without the time or the proper means to take them to the salon, BBK Convalesce Nail Care will come to you.BBK Convalesce Nail Care offers singular affordable services and monthly packages. Travel Fees are required for each service. All appointments must be made 24hrs in advance. Same day, last minute appointments will incur an additional $20 fee. We are here for You in your time of need. Here are some of the services we provide:


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Add On Nail Repair (Chair or Bedside)

Callus removal $10

Removal of hard, and thick layer of cracked skin on feet

Hand/Foot Scrub $10

Removal of loose, and dead excess skin on feet or hands

Toenail Thickness Reduction $15

Reduction of thick plate by way of electronic filing and organic ointment to soften toenails

Toenail Length Shortening $15

Reduction of thick long toenails by way of electronic filing, nail shears and organic ointment to soften toenails

Cracked Nail Bed Repair: $15

Mending of cracked nail plate by using electronic filing with acrylic to smoothen rigidness, conceal open nail crack and save broken nail. 

Silk wrap: $10

Fabric layer adhered over the nail for added strength or to mend cracked nails

Acrylic fill (Approval Based) $10

Nail tip (Approval Based) $10

Manicures & Pedicures (Chair or Bedside)

Standard Manicure and/or Pedicure 

nail clipping/filing, cuticle treatment, scrub, skin exfoliation, polish or shiny buff
Mani-$25  Pedi-$30  Mani/Pedi-$40

Polish Change or Nail Maintenance

nail clipping/filing, hand cleaning, polish or shiny buff


Gel (Non UV light) Manicure and/or Pedicure

nail clipping/filing, cuticle treatment, scrub, skin exfoliation, gel polish of choice

Mani-$30 Pedi-$35   Mani/Pedi-$45 

Acrylic Manicure (Approval based)


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DISCLAIMER:  Beauty By Khira offers cosmetic services only. We are not licensed to, nor do we claim to cure any/all forms of nail fungus and/or injury. We reserve the right to refuse services to those we feel have extreme cases requiring medical attention (athletes foot, extreme onychomycosis, paronychia, pyrogenic granuloma, tinea pedis, uclers, split nails, pseudomonas aeruginosa, extreme trumpet nail, ingrown nails, and other contagious illnesses). BBK & associates must be informed of the client’s exact condition before rendering services. Any dishonest or underdiagnosed condition unmanageable by BBK upon arrival will be charged a minimum $20 service fee and travel costs.


San Gabriel Valley: $10

San Fernando Valley: $10

West Side / Central LA: $15

Antelope Valley: $15

Long Beach: $20

South Bay / Ventura County / OC: $25